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The Recycling Lottery (Pantelotteriet) is a lottery where empty bottles and cans recycled through a Reverse Vending Machine, may be converted into a stake in a national lottery.

A ticket in the Recycling Lottery costs NOK 0,50 and participants may win anything from 50 to 1 million Norwegian kroner. The result of the draw is communicated directly on the lottery ticket printout which all participants receive from the Reverse Vending Machine.

The beneficiary in Norway of the lottery is the Norwegian Red Cross.

The Recycling Lottery in Norway is operated by Norsk Pantelotteri AS, a company jointly owned by the Olav Thon Group and the Norwegian Red Cross.

The Recycling Lottery has been operational in Norway since 2008, and annually generates substantial contributions to the Red Cross.

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In May 2015 the lottery celebrated that The Red Cross had received 100 million Norwegian kroners (accumulated) from the Recycling Lottery. At present, the number has increased to 804,9 million Norwegian Kroner.